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Conversations with God 3

Conversations with God 3
By Sandra Perreaux

Did you know that our thoughts travel as neural pulses in our brain at a speed of around 275 mph? No wonder it can be difficult to ‘catch’ what God is saying to us because He speaks to us through our thoughts. Journaling helps us to slow down our thoughts so we can connect with our motor skills and write them down. From this we can learn to slow our thinking down and begin to hear God’s responses to our conversations with Him.

(God's replies to me are in italics)

Fri 16th Dec 2016

What a contrast today Lord, sun, blue skies and till wind but not quite as windy as the past few days. Thank you for sunshine Lord it always causes the day to have a sense of promise.

My light brings promise, joy, lightness of hear and spirit and all you see around you in the natural world is an example of what is in the supernatural. Seek my light in your life and you will be in a constant place of bliss.

I like the word bliss, I first heard the Banov’s (Georgian and Winnie Banov) talk about bliss, it’s a really cool word and is great to describe what being connected with You I like.

I have a lot of BLISS to give – it’s yours come and get it! 

Yes Lord! Fill me up with Your wonderful bliss. Here I am Lord, shower me with Your love, Your joy, Your peace, Your favor and all You have to give me. Thank you and I bless You.

I open heaven and release My blessing upon you today Sandra. My Son smiles upon you.

There are so many things to thank You for Yahweh. Yesterday was full of answers to prayer. I just agree with Your Word that I am blessed and not cursed. I agree that You love me with an everlasting love and hold me in the palm of Your hand. I thank You that even though storms come in my life I am sheltered, protected, and covered Your peace and love sustains me. I know You are with me. Thank you, thank You, thank You. I love You Lord.

What do you observe going on in the world?

Change: on the political front its seems like a huge shift is taking place here in NZ, in USA, Britain, Europe a lot of leadership change and a turning or change of direction. On the human front – ongoing crisis the evils of starvation, war, trafficking, cruelty, evil, evil, evil. I get a sense of change Lord but I can’t see what it will be. I think maybe there is a sense of hope, that some of the insanity has been halted. I think Kim Clement’s prophecy about the death of the Generals will usher in a new era of revival, and change is near with only Billy Graham remaining alive. I believe I heard You whisper that he (Billy Graham) will come to you soon.

Be prepared, get ready – it’s coming and once the momentum builds you are going to see change of many things. You will be put in a place of having to make decisions and choices and you need to be close to Me to know which direction to go in.

 Do I need to change anything I’m doing to be closer to You?

Pray in tongues more – I will move through prayer. I will speak by My Spirit, My will is spoken and released through praying in the Spirit.

I need Your help Lord, please help me get in the river and allow the flow and the strength of the current to pick me up and carry me along.

I will lead the way – as you are willing to follow Me I will show you where to place your feet.

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