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Super Blood Wolf Eclipse - Trouble is Coming, Are you Ready?

The Eclipse on January 21, 2019

“And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity…” (Luke 21:25) 
“I will show wonders in the heavens above and signs on the earth below, blood and fire and clouds of smoke…” (Acts 2:19)
God’s Word is clear, He will speak through the things happening in the Heavens. How do we know if God is speaking through something in the Heavens? These are what I believe to be the necessary factors to make it a sign from God:

  1. Is it unique?
  2. Does it coincide with other important dates?
  3. What does God say about it?
All three must be present for it to be a sign from God, however, two out of the three of these qualifications are pretty subjective. Is there a way to narrow down these items? Why should we even look at lunar eclipses?

 Jesus is the Son of God (the sun) and the moon is revealed by the light of the sun, so this is the Church. The Earth is where man rules. A total lunar eclipse is when the sun, earth, and moon are perfectly aligned in a straight line allowing the shadow of the earth to hide the moon from view. This occurs 1-3 times a year. If we look at additional factors about the eclipse, it can reveal how rare the event may be and if we should consider that God is speaking through that event.


There are levels of distinctiveness to most astrological events. A comet that passes once in a generation is more unusual than an eclipse that happens several times a year. However, when we look at other factors, it may change the “unique” factor of an eclipse. Here is a list of some features that may make an eclipse more uncommon:

  • Super Moon: the moon will be closest to Earth in its orbit during the full moon
  • Blood Moon: An eclipse where there will be a reddish hue. 
  • Blue Moon: (in this case) The second full moon in a month. 
  • Wolf moon: The first full moon of the year.

The eclipse on the 21st  of January had three of these four features. It was a Super Blood Wolf Moon.

This astrological event is also being hailed as an “American” eclipse because the entire country was able to see it and it began in the early evening. As with all things of God, we must pay attention to the small details: they will add layers of meanings.


God told His people, the Jewish Nation, to hold feasts celebrated on certain days. These are times of special meaning to God. The Bible is clear, God gives signs in the heavens, so when a blood moon occurs on a Jewish holiday, it is definitely something we should look at!

On the day of the eclipse, Isreal celebrates the feast of Tu Bishvat:  It was originally called "Rosh HaShanah La'Ilanot" (Hebrew: ראש השנה לאילנות‎), literally "New Year of the Trees."  What could this rare event on this particular feast signify?

Hebrew Roots

Although this day is Rosh Hashanah for trees, we attach special significance to this holiday because "Man is [compared to] the tree of the field" (Deuteronomy 20:19). Through cultivating strong roots – faith and commitment to God – we produce many fruits—Torah and Mitzvot.

The New Year of the Trees marks their awakening to life, symbolizing the awakening of a person to achieve the purpose God created and designed them for in life.

Trees are not only men but leaders as well. Remember, on the Hebraic Calendar, days actually start at sundown the night before and go to sundown the actual day. The eclipse started on the 20th and ended on the 21st. This means the eclipse actually fell on the 21st day as God’s people mark their days and this should indicate something about men and leaders on this Earth.


This is perhaps the most subjective of all the factors surrounding a sign from God. Anyone can claim to hear from God and we can’t really verify this one way or the other very easily. It really comes down to listening to the Holy Spirit who is inside you. Even if the information is troubling, there should be peace from the Holy Spirit concerning it. This is what many refer to as a “witness” of the Spirit.

A friend asked me about the eclipse if God was saying anything. I told her that I'd need to ask Him. On Sunday, I sat down with my laptop and greeted the Trinity, placing myself before them.
I asked God, “Are you speaking to men? It is happening on a Feast day, is this a sign in the Heavens from You.” 
God said, “It is about My timing. I placed the moon and stars in the sky. I knew what would come and what would be. All you have to do is look up to know that I am God and I have a design.” 
I answered, “Yahweh, I love you. You are my God, Creator of all I know. I cannot speak about this event in the heavens unless I KNOW what you are saying…” 
He said, “My shadow will come upon this Earth, my glory plain for all to see. Two years my Church (the moon) will shine bright. In the third year, much of the Church leaders will be removed because of their great sin. Right now they are under grace, but the Accuser will have his day.  
Have I not stirred up the hearts of men to speak about this? It is the “Wolf Moon.” Many will fall prey to the attack by the wolf in sheep’s clothing: the wolf among my flock. Those who have strayed too far from the Shepherd will fall prey: even the shepherds He has appointed. Look to yourself, leave all sin behind and follow Me. Be ready, for the wolf is at the door and my Lion is soon to come!
With His words, I knew how they fit with all the things He had given me, yesterday and the last time an eclipse happened on Jewish feast days.


This word from God explained why I had a very difficult visit to the Secret Place with the Lord the day before. I had been seeking the Lord about this eclipse since a friend mentioned the lunar phenomena to me the day before. I decided to spend some time worshiping and meditating, hoping the Lord would visit me because I wanted to know if He was speaking through the eclipse. What happened was unlike any other visit.
I was dancing with the Lord as usual, but I was distracted. My left eye felt like it was covered or blocked. I asked the Lord to help me fix it: was it something I had done that caused this issue? 
“Are you sure you want to see the whole picture?” He asked. 
“Yes, of course I do!” I protested: I had always used two eyes before. 
The Lord pulled something off the left side of my face and the image of Him exploded. It was like He was split in half like a line was down His entire body. The normal half I usually see was the compassionate, caring Lord, who’s eyes held the love that caused Him to go to the cross for me. The  other side was full of energy, full of wrath. At first it was all energy, but then it coalesced into a man shape. The hair stood out from His head a good six inches and His eye was filled with fire. His face was stern and hard. I was very frightened for I had never seen such power and anger. 
For a moment I thought perhaps this was a trick of the enemy, then I remembered my last visit to the Secret Place where I visited with God as Abba (Daddy, Pappa) and the Holy Spirit. I spoke about this at the Tea & Coffee meeting where it happened:

The Secret Place January 15, 2015

Daddy gave everyone at the meeting presents. I asked if He had one for me. He pulled a gold crown out from behind His back and placed it on my head.  
“What does this mean?” I asked. 
“Go, ask the Holy Spirit,” He told me. 
I followed my child-sized friend up a tree where He fed me fruit that helped me see better. After I ate much fruit, He took the crown from my head and placed it in my hands, “Look,” is all He said. 
The beautiful gold crown shimmered and beneath I could see a crown of thorns. I gasped in fear as I asked, “What does this mean?” 
He laughed at my worry, “Jesus shed blood from His head because of the crown of thorns. You have been fighting to keep your imagination pure. This will protect you. Now everything will only come from God because He paid the price and you have been faithful to repent.”
This caused me to cry and I had to work hard to keep my composure as I shared it at our weekly online meeting. Now I know why God gave me that gift. So that I would be sure that what I was actually seeing the Lord, no matter how scary it seemed.
I knelt at His feet, knowing the true fear of the God. “Lord,” I asked, “What is this? Why do you look this way?”  
“Until now, the world has only seen the Lamb of God,” He explained. “It is almost time for the Lion of Judah to appear.” 
He sat down. The half of Him I am used to seeing looked sad, almost ready to cry. I sat in His lap and hugged Him, “What is troubling you so, my Love.” 
“So many are not ready. So many will be lost….” His eyes filled with tears as did mine.
“Is there anything more I can do to help?” 
He shook His head, “You are doing what I have for you, the rest is up to them.” 
I wasn’t sure I was going to post about this particular visit. We all know that Jesus is both the Lion and the Lamb. In His first visit to Earth, many of God’s people didn’t recognize Him because they were expecting the conquering Hero who would rule and reign on Earth. Jesus was the Lamb of God then; the sacrifice for our sins. When He returns it will be as the Lion of Judah. Now I see why He revealed this to me when I was asking about the eclipse.


On January 31, 2018, another eclipse happened at the festival of Tu Bishvat. It was very rare; Super Blue Blood Moon that hadn’t occurred for more than 50 years. It announced the Great Awakening and the upcoming Outpouring of God’s Glory. (Read that post CLICK HERE)

For the second year in a row, an eclipse falls on this feast day. This time it is a “wolf” moon. Two years into that outpouring, the enemy will arise. Expect to see many false prophets appear, some will even have false miracles. If you will compare what they are saying to God’s word, the Bible, you will know them.

Many of God’s generals will begin to fall at this time as well. This is why the eclipse was seen over America. God’s generals in this nation are the leaders of certain movements that are out of balance. They will be the first generals to be taken out by the enemy.

From other things God has told me, I know that we will have a few years of abundance during the Outpouring. What comes after that, I am not at liberty to say just yet. It should be clear, though, that we are fast approaching the time when the Lion of Judah will appear. This is why He appeared to me in that particular way as I was pursuing Him about the Eclipse. The fall of the generals is one of the many pieces that must be in place before the second coming which will happen in this generation.

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Information on solar and lunar eclipses can be found at the NASA website:



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